Liquid Diet Weight Loss


Weight loss programs have been very popular lately and one of those many programs is the liquid diet weight loss. In this program, solid meals are often replaced with a low-calorie drink, mostly in a form of a shake or juice. Fruit and vegetable juices are gaining popularity since one can gain the natural nutrients found in fruits and vegetables immediately.

Many people also drink milkshakes with different kinds of flavors like vanilla. Skimmed milk is often used for milkshakes. These mixes can be found in the market. There are also people who take clear liquid diet. This diet is mostly used for medical purposes such as people suffering from severe diarrhea.

People who are undergoing surgery such as colonoscopy take a liquid diet before and after the surgery.

The reason why this program is very popular is that liquid diets are known to be low in calories. This diet also helps detoxify the body. Do-it-yourself drinks are easy to make. Different kinds of fruits and vegetables are blended into shakes or juices. Since most drinks came from fruits and vegetables, one is assured of the natural nutrients coming into the body.

  There is no need to prepare much for liquid diets. To make the program more effective, dietary supplements can also be included. Liquid diet weight loss may not be effective to all people who would like to lose weight.

This diet is not recommended to diabetics, pregnant and nursing women. But if one wants to try this program, one should consult a dietician or nutritionist first before trying the liquid diet program. As the same with other diet programs, liquid diet weight loss has its disadvantages.

As the body consumes fewer calories, one can easily lose weight. However, the body’s metabolism slows down for energy conservation. This kind of diet is also short-term. There are many instances of people gaining the weight back once they go back on eating solid foods. To achieve the long-term goal of losing weight and keeping it, researchers advise to also include small solid foods with a liquid diet.

These will help people, specifically those who are overweight, control the number of calories they eat and drink.

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To achieve a better weight, diet is not the only answer especially for those who are obese. Exercise can also help in achieving one’s desired weight. Exercise can also help in detoxifying the body through sweat.

Liquid diet weight loss and exercise will not only help lose weight but maintain the desired weight for a longer time.