Juicing For Cancer Prevention


Thousands of people are diagnosed with a type of cancer every year based on the different cancer institutes in every country. This is the reason why there is a strong campaign for early detection and awareness to help drop this growing population. Cancer is a deadly disease so it is very important to live a healthy lifestyle helping you in staying away from this dreaded medical condition. Juicing for cancer prevention is just one way of ensuring that you are able to fight cancer away.

There are different kinds of juicer you can choose in the market. Although buying a juice in a store is easier, it is not at all practical. You need to ensure that the juice you are consuming contain all the right ingredients you need to stay away from cancer. Some stores sell juices with additives which just add your chances of getting a form of cancer.  Moreover, you can have control over the taste of your juice so you will probably enjoy drinking it than just any store bought juices.

One of the best ways to practice juicing for cancer is to drink juices that are high in the nutrient called carotenoids. Studies have shown that it is one of the finest nutrients that can help the body block cancer. It is mostly found among fruits and vegetables that are colored orange like carrots. Try to add a carrot in your daily juice intake so that you will have a strong chance in preventing cancer.

Lycopene is also a very important factor to consider in juicing for cancer. It is a kind of antioxidant that has lived up to its promise in warding off cancer from the body. In fact, it is one of the most advised ingredients for people suffering from prostate cancer. Tomato is one of the best sources of lycopene. Try to drink at least a glass of tomato juice everyday. There are already tomato juices that can be store bought but it may be more beneficial if you make some fresh ones. Strawberries and watermelon also contain high amounts of lycopene so try to incorporate these fruits to your diet.

Juicing For Cancer Prevention

Fiber is another important kind of nutrient that can help one in fighting cancer. Cancers concerning the bowel have been closely associated to the poor intake of fiber-rich foods. One’s digestive system can work better with the help of fiber and we all know the weight of digestion when it comes to ensuring that we are cancer free. Apples, carrots, and pineapples are some known fruits that contain high amounts of fiber. Add them to your juicing and reap the benefits of having a digestive system that works well.

Juicing for cancer sure looks easy but it is important to remember that the fruits and juices you will use are very important. It will be more helpful if you choose products that are free of pesticides because they are said to be a big contributing factor in the development of cancer. Try to go organic. There are already many different stores selling organic fruits and vegetables. However, juicing is not the only solution in treating cancer. You need to consider other areas of your life in order to stay cancer free like stopping yourself from smoking. Visit a doctor and talk to him about your concerns of juicing, preventing cancer and trying to be healthier.