Juice Fast


Juice fast, or juice fasting, is a detox diet wherein a person only consumes fruit or vegetable juices. It replaces all solid food intake whether they are complete meals or snacks. Juice fasting is known to be a fast and effective way of losing weight. With the obesity and diabetes cases on the rise, juice fasting is the easiest way to shed off pounds and be healthy.



Benefits of Juice Fast

Although many believe juice fasting is primarily for weight loss, its primary purpose is to naturally cleanse the body from harmful toxins. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. With juice fast, these nutrients can easily flow within your system. Juicing is very helpful to children who don’t like to eat vegetables.

Another benefit you can get from juice fast is that it is alkalizing, specifically vegetables. Alkaline is important in our bodies. It improves our bodies overall functions and provides stronger immunity. It makes our skin and hair fair and healthy-looking.

Because of the nutrients you get from fruits and vegetables, you become healthier. Antioxidants, vitamin C and E prevent damage to our cells from free radicals and these nutrients are mostly found in fruits and vegetables. These nutrients are also important for a healthy heart and a healthy liver. Juice fast also helps you in your digestion as these foods are rich in fiber.

Juice Fast Plans

There are a lot of juice fast plans and juice fast plan recipes around the market. You can easily find them online through Google. Most juice plans range from a 3-day plan to a 60-day plan. If you decide on trying juice fast plan, go for the plan that works best for your body. But before doing so, you should first check with your dietician or nutritionist.

Experts advise not to be drastic when it comes to juice fasting. The reason is that our bodies are used to getting solid foods and if you jump in directly to juice fasting, it may interfere with our digestion. You can start by combining fruits and vegetable juices to your meal and then eventually go on juice fast. Start slowly but surely.

How much should I drink?

The amount of juice you should drink would actually vary. It would depend on how your system works and when you get hungry. It is best to consult this first with your dietician or nutritionist to be sure. Usually two to three liters work for many people. The good thing about juice fast plan is that you can drink your juice anytime you feel like it.

Choose Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Juice Fast

When juice fasting, always choose for organic fruits and vegetables. Check thoroughly on the foods that you see on groceries or supermarkets. They should be pesticide-free. Make sure to place the juices in a tight-lid container and consume them within 24 hours of making them.

One of the best juice fast recipes that are popular is carrot juice. Many of us know that carrots are rich in vitamins C, A and antioxidants. Carrot juices are one of the most effective juice cleansing recipes.

Once you decide to juice fast to shed off pounds, you can also include exercise in your plan. Both will give you the much needed benefits and help you not just lose weight but to maintain your desired weight.